Who we are

For those who want more, for those who want the best.

Love, passion, tradition and experience. Essential words of our company.

The Pezzano Caterina company was born in southern Calabria on the jasmine coast precisely in Camini extending for about 120 hectares of land which, partly on the sea in such a way as to take the sea breeze and all the properties that derive from it and partly in the hills where the air is more rarefied in such a way as to have different climatic settings suitable for every type of crop.

For over 20 years the company has become a real reality, as it cultivates with passion not only olive trees but also oranges, bergamot and mandarins, exclusively organic products that are treated in detail in order to offer superior quality standards while preserving all the resulting nutritional properties.

L’Olio Oleum nasce nel cuore dell’azienda agricola Pezzano Caterina, immerso nelle piantagioni biologiche di bergamotto, arance e mandarini che aromatizzano il gusto unico e prezioso dell’olio Oleum.

Olio extra vergine oliva biologico in calabria

Eco-sustainability, the piece
fundamental of our company.

A fundamental piece on which the company is formed is that of eco-sustainability in a world now too dedicated to waste, what we are aiming for today is to reduce environmental impacts equal to zero in such a way as to be an example for the future of our children but not only, because in this way we are going to safeguard what is the primary good, that is the planet.

This year the Pezzano Caterina company decided to try its hand at a new project with great enthusiasm and dedication, thus deciding to create its own organic oil which takes the name of oleum Tenuta Cirillo. A project born only now but which has been studied and perfected for years now, in such a way as to create a product with attention to detail even on a visual level, trying to create a packaging that will make the viewer fall in love at first sight.


The choice to become producers of extra virgin olive oil was born mainly from the desire to consume a natural product ourselves.

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