OLEUM – Organic extra virgin olive oil – 75cl


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The Oleum Tenuta Cirillo oil is an organic extra virgin olive oil, of high quality and cold extracted, stored in a dark glass bottle, which in addition to preserving the organoleptic characteristics, makes the aesthetic appearance of the product even more refined and elegant. The product is bottled with great care and studied in detail. Oleum comes to life from the carefully selected milling of four different precious cultivars, grown in Calabria, on the jasmine coast.

A product with an intense aroma and a lively color, which makes it suitable for any type of condiment.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Strong scent that recalls the context in which it was born, that is immersed in the plantations of organic citrus fruits such as bergamot, oranges and mandarins.

Palate: Intense and true flavor, at the same time bitter and spicy in the throat in a balanced way.

Pairings: Ideal for red meat, fish, pasta, salads and soups. It is recommended for dressing raw and after cooking, so as not to lose the smell and flavor of the oil that distinguishes it.


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