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Superior quality organic oil. Right balance between taste and smell.

The oil Oleum Tenuta Cirillo, comes from the milling of four different cultivars that are mixed together with different percentages tested ad hoc, so as to make the product more valuable, giving the right balance between taste and smell.

It’s produced through cold milling, through mechanical processes so as not to lose the nutritional qualities of organic oil. Also the olives don’t undergo any other treatment if not only washing, centrifugation and filtration, so as to preserve the best characteristics and nature of organic oil.

The collection takes place in two phases:

  • The first phase consists in working the soil with specific means; cleaning and fertilizing the plants with organic fertilizers, which takes place throughout the year.
  • The second phase consists in the collection of the fruit with specific equipment, to keep intact the olive tree and milling.

Organic certification,
care of the soil and the plant.

Each processing worker, part of this production chain, is specialized in very specific tasks. The oleum oil is certified by a qualified body as organic extra virgin olive helium, which differs from simple extra virgin olive oil.

Due to the fact that from the processing of the plant to the finished product that arrives at the table of our customers, a strict quality control follows that goes to preserve the nature of the fruit as well as the eco-sustainability of the nature in which it is born, this makes it not only better from a quality point of view, but thus fully preserves the taste and its beneficial properties.